Sunday, August 5, 2007

Knowdresscode Does Caribana

I love Caribana. I biked down Yonge St. taking as many pictures as I could. I got kind of overwhelmed at one point by all of the nice outfits. It seemed like every group of friends had coordinated not only their own outfits but also those of their friends and boyfriends as well. Why do people go to an expensive, shitty club on Richmond when they can walk down Yonge St. and see the best outfits since ever for free? (By the way, I biked down Richmond and the clothes there were second rate compared to over here. I think it might be the dresscodes down there. They obviously don't KNOW what they're doing...) By the way, the girl in the yellow tank had on royal blue tights in about the colour of the one piece on the second girl. That colour is like crack, I can't stop wearing it.

Anyways, what I want to talk about are those amazing digital print t-shirts that nearly every guy was wearing tonight. I love them. And it's about time guys had some colour in their wardrobes. I'd even love them enough to wear them myself if they weren't all size XXL. (More on that later.) Why don't they make them for girls? Okay, the green sweater here isn't bad but I'd like to see that print made as a sweater dress and maybe tights as well. But more than just hoodies, please!

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